Create efficiencies, reduce operational and compliance risk

LenderLive is a premier services provider that partners with financial companies to assume day-to-day operations and provide solutions that transform businesses by reducing cost, enhancing operational performance, and mitigating compliance risk. We help achieve strategic and operational goals throughout the loan-cycle with our unique blend of innovative technology and superior process management, embedded compliance and in-depth expertise.

LenderLive serves financial institutions in the mortgage and vehicle finance industries, as well as trustees and attorneys that support financial services companies. We offer unique: 

  • Technology mortgage solutions driven by lean process design
  • Fulfillment, settlement and document services that enable fast, compliant loan closings
  • Ways to enhance satisfaction for you and your customers
  • Solutions to improve profitability and minimize regulatory risk

Our solutions work together seamlessly or we can tailor them to meet your needs. Standalone services include private-label mortgage fulfillment with optional secondary marketing, title and settlement services, and document and critical borrower communication services. Integrated fulfillment, settlement and document services share client data to drive accurate, timely and compliant document solutions.

As a proven partner, clients rely on us daily for thousands of transactions and high-quality experiences for their valued customers. The investments needed to ensure loan-cycle transactions are compliant, flawlessly executed and secure every time can be prohibitive for many organizations. With LenderLive, our clients benefit by sharing the ownership cost of building superior capabilities, rather than bearing the investment cost alone.

Compliance confidence from reduced risk

We understand that compliance and risk mitigation are top priorities. For more than three decades, LenderLive’s expertise has helped clients find relief from bearing the full burden of accelerating compliance costs and complexity. LenderLive is licensed and regulated as a lender and national title agent. You can count on us to address all relevant compliance regulations and licensing requirements to reduce your risk and help you protect your bottom line. 

Technology drives efficiencies and security

LenderLive creatively applies technology to solve our clients’ problems faster and more effectively than can be done internally. We automate business processes and focus on data management to drive greater efficiencies, accuracy and speed results.

With geographically diverse, large-scale facilities and data centers, we offer the highest level of systems availability, data security, business continuity and exceptional service to clients nationally. You gain the scale, experience and confidence you need with tens of millions of transactions processed through our expansive services offering.

Contact us to learn more about how LenderLive can support your company’s mortgage or vehicle finance business.


LenderLive offers reward, challenge, and the opportunity for career satisfaction that attracts the most talented in the industry. We value teamwork, innovation, dedication and respect for all.


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