Templates that stay compliant

Anyone in the financial services industry who frequently sends regulatory notices knows the necessity—and the risks—of using templates. It’s a common compliance weakness: If your templates contain errors or are not diligently updated to reflect new regulations, you may be sending batches of errors with every mailing.

At LenderLive, we immediately implement new regulatory requirements into our template libraries. Plus, we can review your templates at any time to ensure they are compliant with all current regulations. With LenderLive as your compliance partner, you can rest assured that your templates are working for you—not against you.

Our libraries contain templates encompassing a range of mission-critical notices that are kept in compliance with regulations from the federal government and all 50 states. And our database is growing with the launch of a brand-new Mortgage Servicing Library now available through LenderLive.

Review & Consulting

Find out what your templates are missing

As a key step in ensuring your notices comply with all federal and state requirements, LenderLive provides on-demand reviews of your current templates. In our review and analysis, we apply industry-leading knowledge and research, internal proprietary resources, and benchmarking against the leading practices of other major mortgage servicers and prime and sub-prime vehicle finance companies. LenderLive communicates our findings and recommended changes to you in a comprehensive report.


The templates you need, in one place

The LenderLive Template Libraries are standardized sets of borrower notices that comply with applicable federal and state regulations in mortgage origination, default, loss mitigation, and vehicle finance.

Our team of regulatory experts manages hundreds of compliance-ready documents—and counting—in our various libraries, including coverage of certain specialty templates in the mortgage default space.

LenderLive provides template libraries in the following areas:

For additional peace of mind, clients who choose bundled Compliance Solutions with our document services can include a Limited Compliance Warranty on select libraries.


When the regulators move, your templates respond

After identifying and communicating a new requirement, LenderLive works proactively with our clients to help them comply with the new law or regulation as soon as possible.

We produce a sample template or make the applicable revisions to your existing template with the regulatory change and relevant industry best practices, including judicial decisions. This empowers you to implement the new requirement in a shorter timeframe.


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