Correspondent Lending Services

Correspondent Lending Partnership
Conduit Mortgage Services: Comprehensive and component mortgage solutions for buyers of whole loan mortgage assets

Delegated or Non-delegated with Optional Custom Fulfillment

Select a delegated or non-delegated correspondent relationship based on your needs, and choose to purchase optional fulfillment services. Whatever your requirements, you gain seamless access to capital for funded loan production to provide your business with the cash efficiency required to compete in today’s marketplace, as well as access to and execution with GSE and private secondary market investors.

100% Domestic-based for Unparalleled Support

One hundred percent of LenderLive’s resources, operations and data centers are domestic-based. We are working when you are working. You will receive unparalleled support from dedicated regional account and business development managers. 

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For all inquiries (except loans submitted to Underwriting) please contact:

Client Advocacy and Engagement Team
877.516.8055 | cae@lenderlive.com