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Lenders rely on LenderLive because they want a secondary market option with competitive pricing, minimal overlays, and fast turn-times. And they trust us because they know we won’t compete to retain or cross-sell their customers.

With LenderLive as your partner you’ll have:

  • Fast and easy client approval
  • Minimal overlays
  • No cross-sell of banking products
  • No retail competition
  • Low underwriting and administration fees
  • Best efforts and mandatory delivery
  • Scenario desk
  • FHA and VA Sponsor
  • ‘One-Touch’ incentive
  • Closed loan review guarantee
  • No minimums
  • Support from our CAE managers – Client Advocacy and Engagement

Delegated Correspondent

Our delegated correspondent program offers lenders the flexibility and control to manage the loan origination process from application through closing. You’ll benefit from our industry-leading turn times, backed by our closed loan review guarantee – if we don’t complete the initial closed loan review within our stated turn-times, we’ll waive your entire administration fee. We offer optional lender approval for third-party origination and for LenderLive to provide underwriting for our delegated clients.


Our non-delegated program is designed to provide timely underwriting decisions so you can best serve your customers . You’ll benefit from our nearly two decades of expertise underwriting more than $150 billion in residential mortgages.

Let us help you build a sustainable, competitive mortgage business around your company’s specific needs with:

  • Low underwriting fees
  • Underwriting decisions within 24-48 hours
  • Intuitive technology platform enabling easy loan administration and tracking
  • Embedded pricing engine (or use any of the most popular third-party engines)
  • The option to run AUS from our platform
  • The ability to select your own service providers


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