What Makes LenderLive Correspondent Lending Different?

Doing business with LenderLive means you’ll get high-level service and partnership that uniquely leverages technology, processes and people to ensure timely and efficient loan purchases. And, a partner who understands that fast turn-times, quick loan purchases and competitive pricing are critical to your success.

You’ve invested in your brand to attract and retain customers and top industry talent. Many mortgage investors are in the same business you are; too often, lenders selling to secondary market investors think they are selling a loan when they are really selling a customer.

At LenderLive, we won’t compete with our clients’ brands. That’s why we won’t cross-sell borrowers any financial products or offer customers the opportunity for a new loan or to refinance with our company. Instead, all new loan inquiries are referred back to our lender partners.

Easy to do business with is our tenet, not our tagline. Being easy to do business with starts with fast client approvals.

Other ways we make life easier for our clients:

  • Minimal overlays
  • You stay in control of the transaction by selecting your own service providers
  • We provide the option for third-party origination

Delegated lenders can choose to have loans underwritten by LenderLive:

  • ‘One-Touch’ incentive provides a reduced administration fee for loans submitted with only collateral as a condition
  • Closed loan review guarantee
  • No fee to waive escrow