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Document Generation


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LenderLive Document Services prepares and delivers tens of thousands of compliant mortgage documents daily, including preliminary disclosures, closing documents, and any instrument related to servicing and loss mitigation. The leading-edge platform provides multiple data input options, a dynamic forms engine with unmatched customization capabilities, and secure, compliant document delivery. Document compliance support and monitoring of federal- and state-specific forms, results in compliant packages on every transaction, all backed by a straight-forward compliance warranty.

  • All GSE-based lending and servicing programs, as well as custom lending products supported
  • Electronic delivery, eSignature or traditional print fulfillment options available at the transaction level from three best-in-class print facilities, load-balanced across three time zones
  • Integration into FedEx®, UPS®, and USPS®
  • Proprietary, rules-based forms engine drives compliance and dynamically prepares and renders documents with unmatched customization
  • Consistent, industry-leading SLA performance

Compliant Templates & Forms

Our experienced professionals ensure document compliance support and monitoring of federal- and state-specific forms to create compliant transactions each and every time. We analyze your lending or servicing footprint and determine what documents and language are required for each transaction type.

We understand that no two operations do things exactly the same. That is why our team is ready to assist with programming any custom document or client-specific change to one of our library documents. The rules-driven, proprietary document preparation applications enable us to handle the most complex form scenarios with ease.

You obtain a more efficient client correspondence print and delivery solution, with the visibility and governance needed in today’s tough regulatory environment.

  • New form setup or changes in as few as 24 hours
  • Hundreds of custom form changes designed, tested and released monthly
  • Auditable at every level on every change
  • Full library of commonly required documents created and continuously monitored specifically for origination and servicing by industry-leading law firms
  • Core forms are customizable to meet your specific requirements
  • Scalable capacity to meet your high-volume needs

Document Preparation

More than ONE million letters and document packages generated monthly.

We can generate any document in the residential mortgage loan life cycle. At origination, our clients rely on our expertise to create compliant preliminary disclosures, processing correspondence and loan closing packages. Our loan servicing clients rely on that same expertise to create compliant borrower correspondence, including any instrument related to loss mitigation and default.

Our leading-edge, hosted document preparation platform provides:

  • Multiple data intake options all built in a 'black-box' model so your system of record can remain just that. Our solutions support hundreds of different file type requests, but the simplest forms of integration are:
  • Existing integrations to leading loan origination systems
  • XML files built custom to your system of record
  • XML files exported in your existing payload, mapped into our platform with our data transformation capabilities
  • XML files constructed in the MISMO closing data set(s)
  • Simple solutions for returning the generated documents in one or all of the following methods:
  • Direct system-to-system response through an asynchronous download web service or SFTP
  • Direct-to-borrower LenderLive Document Services eDelivery, eSignature or print fulfillment
  • Secure email output for less sensitive correspondence

Digital Delivery & eSign

Today's loan process is longer and more complex than ever before, often resulting in frustrated borrowers. Once the loan is approved and documents are complete at last, you and your borrower are more than ready to get all the documents signed and the process finished.

Timely, efficient, paperless digital delivery and eSign speed and improve the borrower signing experience while saving you significant time and money. It is the classic win-win for all. Once the final document data is generated, our sophisticated systems immediately, securely return the complete dataset to your system of record.

  • Through system-to-system integration, generated forms are returned as a unique piece for easy ingestion into your image repository
  • Each is delivered in a compressed file that can also be encrypted based on your needs
  • Within each compressed file, we return the corresponding, complete data set
  • Includes all data our forms engine calculated, such as all truth-in-lending values, ensuring your system of record data set matches the forms presented to the borrower
  • Through a private-label website, we can also provide a direct-to-borrower electronic delivery path with secure borrower authentication or system-linked single sign on, for our clients who already have a borrower website

eDeliver and eSign features include:

  • Confirmed, database-logged borrower access, download and viewing of the delivered correspondence, enabling you to validate the borrower received and reviewed what was sent
  • This hard copy mail alternative is a fraction of postage costs
  • An Adobe® - free viewing experience of delivered .PDF correspondence. All borrowers can view the delivered documents, regardless of their software system
  • Our eSign option is tightly integrated with the generated forms
  • When eSign is selected, the document is created with imbedded eSignature blocks so that, once authenticated, each borrower can review and electronically execute the instrument
  • If more than one borrower is presented, each borrower has a unique signing event
  • When any variation of IRS form 4506 is included, we package that signed instrument in a method that satisfies IRS requirements for tax transcript retrieval
  • Executed and hash-encrypted eSigned documents can be routed to the eVault of your choice or you can leverage our preferred partner
  • In any delivery path, we can automatically route documents for simultaneous print fulfillment or wait to print only if the borrower does not respond before a specified deadline

Print Fulfillment

You get superior print fulfillment and mailing of any document from our three geographically diverse, load-balanced print facilities across three time zones. Our vast capacity for high-volume needs and system redundancy ensures all critical correspondence is printed and in the mail stream on time.

Reliable performance to exceed your expectations

  • 500,000+ letters and mailings, generated and mailed monthly
  • SLAs met at › 99.5%
  • 100% daily reconciliation
  • Volume load-shared across geographically diverse facilities for exceptional response times and customer service
  • Integrated into FedEx®, UPS®, and USPS® to reduce costs and speed delivery times
  • Airbills dynamically generated as part of document generation process
  • Presorting tools ensure USPS® postage costs at lowest rate possible
  • All tracking information included in our reporting, reconciliation and corresponding data files
  • Daily performance dashboards delivered to provide compliance-level assurance of mailing

Exceptional results are in the details

  • We support cut sheet and continuous feed printing in black or color ink
  • Our cost-effective color printing further eliminates need for pre-printed stock
  • System can dynamically change logos and company references, ensuring any client with multiple entities provides the correctly-branded borrower experience
  • System-generated borrower correspondence along with stock inserts can be automatically inserted into standard–size envelopes or manually inserted into overnight or custom envelope stock

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