Mortgage Subservicing

Mortgage Loan Servicing

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Loan Servicing: Traditional subservicing, specialty servicing and component servicing for performing and non-performing mortgage loans

LenderLive Loan Servicing offers high-touch, private-label mortgage loan servicing for performing assets, end-to-end special servicing and loss mitigation to help manage delinquent assets, and  component servicing for borrower outreach, collections, default management and REO asset management.

We employ performance-based pricing and interactive discovery sessions to build servicing solutions custom made for your business. The benefits of this strategic combination include dedicated attention to your loan portfolio, best-in-class client management with less than 24-hour response times and fast implementation cycles. LenderLive understands your challenges. We are here to help provide an immediate lift to your team and your portfolio.

Take the complexity out of servicing while providing your customers the attention and priority they deserve.

  • Partner with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae approved servicer 
  • Leverage LenderLive’s deep compliance expertise
  • Reduce your fixed costs and default risk
  • Launch your custom servicing solution in 30-45 days, with minimal work required by your staff 

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