Mortgage Outsource Services

Private-label, fully compliant mortgage outsource services
Origination Services: Private-labeled, fully compliant loan fufillment mortgage solutions for lenders

LenderLive improves the scale, quality and economics of our clients' back-office operations. We offer private-label, fully compliant mortgage outsource services to mortgage lenders in the business of originating loans direct-to-consumer or through third parties. You can choose to outsource all or any part of the processing, underwriting and closing of first and second lien residential mortgage loan transactions. In addition, we provide a wide range of closed loan review services including complete due diligence services.

Comprehensive Mortgage Fulfillment Services

LenderLive manages the operational capacity of the client’s mortgage business, lowering their initial capital investment, eliminating operational risk and ensuring all requirements and compliance regulations are met in an ever-changing industry.

Our comprehensive mortgage fulfillment services include progressive technology and the highly-qualified staff necessary to process, underwrite and close loans on the client’s behalf. (SAFE Act Compliant)

Component Outsource Services

When an end-to-end solution is not required, LenderLive’s component outsource services enable you to outsource specific functions within the loan process, such as processing, underwriting and closing coordination.

Our private-labeled component outsource services are designed to provide more flexibility and scalability for our clients, saving time-to-market as well as overhead and capital expenses. Each service can be tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

  • Contract Underwriting
  • Contract Processing
  • Closing Coordination

Mortgage technology provides unmatched transparency.

The LenderLive platform offers a complete web-based point-of-sale (POS) and unparalleled transparency into the loan process. Using our POS, the client’s mortgage loan officer (MLO) can efficiently originate and manage a pipeline of loan transactions, obtain real-time pricing quotes, access automated underwriting, check the status of loans in process and communicate in real-time with our mortgage fulfillment personnel.

At LenderLive, our state-of-the-art loan origination system (LOS) enables LenderLive personnel to efficiently process, underwrite and close loans on behalf of our client. Our POS and LOS are fully integrated systems that function together in real-time. In addition, we support a completely paperless process, where all documents are imaged and indexed and made securely available to all stakeholders in each transaction.

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