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LenderLive Settlement Services: Origination title, default title and settlement services

LenderLive Settlement Services™ provides its lender and servicer clients with nationwide access to an array of title insurance, title services and closing products, and other settlement solutions to further support their back-office needs. For lenders in need of full title services, or servicers requiring title work as it relates to foreclosure, loan modification, short sales, due diligence or loan surveillance, LenderLive Settlement Services is the single, reliable source for all title transactions.

LenderLive Settlement Services excels at managing all data requirements from order placement through delivery.  We create a best-in-class closing experience for superior customer service. With corporate offices and centralized operation centers in Denver, Colorado; Troy, Michigan; and Kansas City, Missouri, we are able to easily cover all time zones and provide full-scale title and settlement services to multi-state, regional and national lenders.


Our clients understand the challenges and the importance of efficient processes and technical experience in the title services industry. Our proven experience and support provides them with a broad understanding of potential issues and the ability to resolve them with creative and sound solutions, which equates to satisfied customers and borrowers that close on time, every time.

LenderLive Settlement Services is a customer-oriented business, built on the foundation of a committed “no compromise” standard of service. Our industry expertise, multiple operation centers, stream-lined processes, and cutting-edge technology applications give us the advantage in making competent, timely decisions and delivering consistent results to our clients.

Title and Settlement Origination Products

Title Insurance - Complete array of ALTA title insurance products designed to ensure lien priority and marketability of title.
Full Closing - Includes curative work, HUD prep, signing, disbursement and post closing review of the loan package.
Signing Services – Qualified signers are available 24-hours and will travel to the borrower. Split signings are available.
Sub-escrow/Disbursement Services - Includes receipt of loan funds and payoff of all secured liens.
Tax Information Report - Complete report of county and municipal taxes affecting the real property.

Title and Settlement Servicing Products

Property Reports - Report from last “arms-length” transaction of all deeds, mortgages, liens, taxes and legal description. 
Vesting/Deed Reports - Report of current vesting and full legal description from current deed of record.
Lien Report - Complete abstract of identified mortgage with grantor, grantee, recording information, and legal description.
Lien release - Research of mortgage of record, preparation of release documentation, coordination of execution of release, and recording of lien release.
Recording services - Includes review of documents, completion of all required cover documents and affidavits, delivery for recording, and tracking of recorded document.  Expert knowledge of agency recording requirements for loan modifications bring added value to loss mitigation programs.
Foreclosure data reports - Two-owner search designed to confirm current title coverage and obtain subordinate lien (voluntary and involuntary) needed to facilitate pre-foreclosure.
Lien clearance/curative - Review of collateral file and title search to obtain payoffs, releases, and other documents required to cure title problems.
Subordination services - Includes review of title report and contact with subordinate lien holders to obtain necessary subordination or releases.
Mortgage Priority Guarantee (MPG) - Guarantees the owner of the indebtedness against loss arising by reason of intervening liens, and that the priority of the mortgage has not been diminished or lost by reason of a modification.
Loss Mitigation Endorsement (LME) - Insures the continued priority of existing loans whose terms were now being modified.
Collateral Review - Includes review of the loan file to ensure title and closing conditions were met and that documentation is complete.  Review can be expanded to include retrieval of documents or policy as needed.  When a title policy is needed, one can be provided by LenderLive Settlement Services at the lowest possible cost.

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LenderLive Settlement Services, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LenderLive Network®.


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