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Title and Settlement Origination Services


Today's highly competitive origination market has expanded and intensified your title and settlement partner requirements. You need a partner who understands the entire loan life cycle, not just isolated processes, and enables you to close more loans faster and more efficiently by eliminating costly errors without exposing your organization to increased risk.

LenderLive Settlement Services is laser-focused on providing exceptional performance and a best-in-class closing experience for your customers with a comprehensive suite of insured and uninsured products. You gain nationwide access to a complete array of title insurance, title services and closing products, and other settlement solutions to further support your back-office needs.

Uniquely applied technology for data-driven efficiencies

LenderLive technology integrates directly into your systems and business processes to automate data and document electronic exchange, and power efficiencies and accuracy. Our technology automates the order process, provides real-time status visibility, manages a comprehensive rate calculator and generates scorecards.

  • Multiple national evidence providers and underwriters generate more robust data and provide broad geographic coverage
  • Proprietary, fully automated order validation tool reduces errors and minimizes costs by removing human decisioning and applying consistent controls
  • Order placement via online client web portal, email, bulk or direct LOS system integrations gives you maximum choice


Comprehensive HELOC Solution

Home Equity solutions give you a competitive advantage

Your home equity lending program is a critical offering that can deepen customer relationships and improve your company’s profitability. With LenderLive Settlement Services, you can choose from a full range of high-quality home equity products and customizable services to meet your business objectives and your customer’s needs.

  • Comprehensive, national title and settlement services suite of insured and uninsured products
  • Options include traditional home equity services or unique, end-to-end integrated solutions
  • Automated borrower eSign capability and traditional notary services
  • Expertise and capacity to assume virtually any unlicensed lender activity as a client-tailored service. Examples include:
    • Document indexing, borrower welcome calls, grading and curing of property reports, eRecording and more

Exclusive technology drives efficiencies

Our superior expertise and technology, as well as innovative data utilization and process management allow us to anticipate challenges and design creative solutions that make the difference for you in closing high-quality home equity loans.

  • Client request resolution in 60 minutes or less using our proprietary escalation engine
  • Configurable workflows across flood, credit, verification, valuation and title product processing enable optimal pull-through rates and reduced vendor expense

Integrated document services minimize errors and risk

Our exclusive integration of title data with LenderLive Document Services creates significant efficiencies and reduces compliance risk with rapid generation of the most accurate loan documents possible.

  • Streamlined processes and seamless, integrated document preparation and management significantly reduces data reentry or transfer delays and errors
  • LenderLive Document Services are expert in home equity lending forms and compliance requirements
  • Simplified fixed and HELOC package available for any lending channel, license type or preemption strategy


Exceptional service every step of the way

With LenderLive as your partner, you attain exceptional performance, detailed vendor management and a superb borrower experience from our expert staff using collaborative, integrated workflows.

  • Custom workflows to manage all third-party ordering, tracking and receipt of settlement service products
  • Oversight of third-party relationships involving critical activities and vendor due diligence
  • Minimized defects for best-in-class responsiveness, turn times and product quality
  • Standard or concierge-level service for high-wealth customers

Let us tailor a creative, sound home equity solution to meet your operational needs, protect your organization and deliver superior customer service so your borrowers’ loans close on time, every time.

Full Array of Nationwide Origination Products

  • Refinance, home equity and portfolio retention strategies
  • Product bundling to meet specific client needs
  • Title Insurance - complete array of ALTA title insurance products
  • Tax Information Report - full report of county and municipal taxes affecting real property
  • Escrow and signing services
  • Vetted & bonded notary and attorney networks
  • Notary performance tracking for quality assurance
  • Qualified signers available 24x7
  • Closings at borrower preferred location
  • Lender and customer-specific special instructions
  • Dedicated client closing team
  • Real-time status updates through web portal
  • Sub-escrow/Disbursement Services - receipt of loan funds and payoff of all secured liens
  • Full Closing - curative work, HUD prep, signing, disbursement and post-closing loan package review
  • Timely and accurate recording services
  • Standard, walk-up and extended recording options
  • Recording request confirmation
  • Quality review
  • Cover sheet production
  • Deficient document resolution
  • Recording fees advanced
  • Traceable document delivery to recording jurisdiction
  • Status tracking through entire process
  • Post-recording document images and data available online
  • Complete eRecording coverage

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